Rumour – New Korean Superteam?

It has been rumoured that a large Korean organisation will purchase a League of Legends team with a view to entering the LCK.

On his podcast Listen Loco, Choi ‘Locodoco’ Yoon-seop gave clues to the identity of an organisation he alleged would be purchasing a team.

Locodoco said: “This is a company that has strong connections to League of Legends, that’s based in Korea, that is taking on an investment and buying out a team in Korea.”

He went on to speak about their spending power. He said: “This company/organsation is super scary for the other Korean teams involved […] the investment they’re getting allows this team to shoot for numbers that weren’t possible with players before.”

Locodoco claims that the deal is “100% confirmed” but is yet to be announced.

Link to video: