RFRSH Sell Heroic Brand

RFRSH Entertainment has sold the Heroic brand, including player contracts, to Seranades Global Inc.

Erik Askered has been appointed as executive director of Heroic. Askered said: “We see great opportunity in acquiring Heroic. The team has a tremendous potential, which we look forward to develop towards the goal of becoming the number one CS:GO-team in the world.”

RFRSH previously operated four teams in CSGO; Astralis, GODSENT, Heroic and Norse. In June 2017, RFRSH agreed to sell or disband three of their teams in order to comply with WESA’s multi-team ownership regulations

Norse was disbanded in 2017 and GODSENT players were sold to Red Reserve in June 2018. The Heroic sale means RFRSH now only operate Astralis. This sale comes days after RFRSH announced €10 million in new funding.

RFRSH also run the BLAST: Pro Series events and it has been rumoured that they will be expanding the Astralis brand into League of Legends.