OP.GG Caught In Coin Miner Crossfire

Developers of the OP.GG website have responded to a Reddit thread which accused the company of allowing a coin miner to be used on their clients’ computers.

OP.GG is a widely used website in the LoL community, it allows users to track game stats and scout their opponents.

The OP.GG technical team were able to identify the cause of the issue shortly after it was reported. They found that “the script provided by the statcounter.com (similar to Google Analytics) had a coin minor [sic] issue and this has caused the hacking issue.”

The issue was noticed by a Reddit user. In a now deleted post, the user claimed that OP.GG triggered an anti-virus alert on their computer. The alert was caused by a javascript script launched by the website and the nature of the alert led them to believe the script was a coin miner.

This breach had been reported by other companies who also use the StatCounter service. Rather than being a miner, the script appeared to be attempting to intercept bitcoin transactions. The script was launched by the browser and should not have downloaded any malware to OP.GG users’ computers.

OP.GG technical staff have assured users that they have “dropped the service tool due to this issue and will not use it anymore.” They also confirmed that users data is safe, they said: “Your computer has not been hacked. Trojan has not been installed. We expected that there will be no damage to the personal information except the computer may slow down while visiting our website. If you experience any other issues relate to this, please feel free to report them to us.”

See full OP.GG statement: https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/9upxpv/opgg_about_the_malware_issue/