Invictus Gaming Win Worlds 2018

Invictus Gaming has beaten Fnatic 3-0 to claim the 2018 LoL Worlds Championship.

In a highly anticipated match, Invictus made quick work of Fnatic and broke the record for the fastest Worlds final series of all time. Invictus was able to find early leads in each of the maps then used their advantage to secure global objectives.

After two maps, Fnatic made a change and brought in Soaz to replace Bwipo in the top lane. The third map started closer, but eventually, Invictus were able to take control. Late in the game, Fnatic managed to steal a Baron from Invictus but was unable to capitalise due to an overwhelming gold deficit. Invictus was able to close out the map and the series soon after the buff wore off.

After the game, Invictus star mid-laner Eui-jin ‘Rookie’ Song said: “I was always sorry to the fans and my teammates because I couldn’t deliver in important moments. I feel so good because we have good results. Honestly, I don’t know how I feel. I don’t know if I really feel good. I think I just still can’t believe it.”

Invictus jungler Ning was selected as MVP for the series thanks to his stellar map control across the final.