Froggen Announces Plans For The Future

Henrik ‘Froggen’ Hansen took to Twitter today to announce his desire to return to competitive play in 2019.

I get asked if I retired or if I’m looking to play on a team again a 1000times a day so I’ll say this again. I plan to be back on a team for the start of next season. No clue if it’s gonna be NA or EU. it depends on the offers I get. 🙂


The Dane was widely considered one of the best midlaners in the world early in the lifecycle of League of Legends with CLG.EU. Froggen went on to compete in NA with Echo Fox in 2016 but struggled to find a lineup which worked. He left the squad at the end of 2017 and hasn’t played at the top level since.

Froggen returned to the EU in early 2018 to compete with Origen in the European Masters tournament in April. His team was victorious but disbanded shortly after the event.

His announcement came at a time when many organisations have been planning their rosters ahead of the franchising of the EU region. Could we see a return of Froggen in the EU LCS in 2019?